W betta aquarium

The client requested a small aquarium for a betta. However when he heard about the aquaponics concept he was amazed by it. 

One of the requests was to keep the price as low as possible, and that conditioned the choice of materials, plants and decoration.

I found a second had aquarium with filter in a second hand market and he agreed on buying it. The rest of the equipment (heater, gravel, decoration wood…) was bought online.

This is a Walstad aquarium (also known as dirty aquarium or planted aquarium). It has a bottom layer of dirt under the gravel.

For decoration, we decided to keep it simple but we took into account the needs of a betta fish. We have a piece of drift wood and a coconut cave. For plants we have a microsorium windelow (java fern windelow), an anubias nana, some java moss and salvinia natans for the surface.

Finally, we created the growing bed above the aquarium. A pipe goes into it with small wholes that distribute the water across the growing bed.


The cycling of the aquarium started the 30th of May, got the first nitrites reading the 9th of June and was completely cycled the 17th of June!

And this is the final look with its inhabitant, a blue-turquoise male betta.



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