Connected tank

This tank is made out of two long vases connected with a PVC pipe that the fishes can use to go from one to the other. 

This was also a test to get to know the preference of the fishes. The left part has a little amount of plants and decoration, providing less coverage but more swimming area. The right one is heavily planted and has a big piece of bogwood.

The left part has the filter and the heater. The filter is connected with the second part, making sure that there is a current in both tanks.

The left part has some elodea densa (egeria densa) and java moss. The right one has an echinodorus, java moss, java fern, anubias and elodea najas (egeria najas).

As inhabitants we have a male veiltail betta and six shrimps (although it is difficult to find them). At the beginning the fish tried to eat the shrimp, who were able to hide in time or be faster than the fish. At the moment, the fish doesn’t seem to mind them and they have become to big for him.

The behavior of the betta is quite interesting. It has learned how to cross the aqua bridge several times a day, keeping both sides as his territory and patrolling both equally. We always feed them in the right one (the heavily planted one) and he has learned to go to that one once he sees us approach with the food. However, he prefers the left one for building his bubble nests (he makes new ones everyday but almost always in the left one).

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