Fish of the week! Betta fish

Sturdy but astonishing fish!

This is also known as Siamese fighting fish. The reason for this name is due to its aggressiveness towards other males.

How big of an aquarium? Of course, the bigger the better. But 20L aquarium is enough room for a male to be happy.

What does it need? First of all, like all the fishes, it needs a filter to clean the water. It will need a heater as well because it prefers warm water (24-28º). It will appreciate a cave to hide and some plants. It needs to gasp some air from the surface so if you have surface plants make sure that they don’t cover the surface completely.

Tips for keeping this fish? Never keep two males together, they can start a fight!. This fish can be quite aggressive with other tank mates as well if they have long and colourful fins or look like a snack.

What makes it an awesome pet? It is an intelligent and playful fish. It will come to see you when you are close and you can play with it (for example they will follow your finger). However, the fishes have different personalities to discover. Moreover, you will fall in love with its colours an how they change and develop. Within days in clean an healthy environment it will get brighter and perhaps develop new colours and patterns.

Do you have any questions? You can ask! Make sure you get all the info that you need before getting your fishy friend!IMG_20170623_163801_640


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