tank cycling

Congrats! Your bacteria can eat 0.072g of ammonia in 24h!

Yesterday I added 0.072g of amonia to the aquarium, which is 4 ppm (parts per million or miligrams/litter)

Today it was 0 mg/l. Do you want to know what does that mean?

Tank cycling is one of the most important things to do when you get a new aquarium. It will be crucial for the survival of your fish and it will make things easier for you and your aquatic friends.

The first part of the process is complete for this aquarium. The good bacteria that transform the ammonia into nitrItes are already living there. We can see it because the levels of ammonia decreases fast and the nitrIte levels are going up. We need to keep adding some ammonia everyday or those bacteria will starve!

Now we just need to wait for the second bacteria, the ones who feed on nitrItes (which is still poisonous for the fish) into nitrAte (which isn’t a problem compare with the ammonia and the nitrItes).


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